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2 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Fantastic mom and pop pharmacy! Very knowledgeable staff who takes time to ensure excellent patient care.

  2. Greenfield pharmacy is an excellent place to go. If regular pharmaceutical medicine Isn’t helping you they have a lot of other options that can help you. SAL and NAVID are great people.

    I have a lot of Muscleskeletal Pain issues and have been using the CBD products from there especially the NeuCana Topical Ointment and the Procana, 1500mg CBD and MEDTERRA 3000mg CBD Tinctures.

    Nothing seems to get me completely pain free but this has worked better than anything else I’ve ever used to be almost pain free. I am not like most people it takes higher doses of anything to help me. But this is by far better than anything I have hoped for. It is helping me a lot.

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